What happens if I don’t pick up?

As specified in our Terms of Agreement (which you of course read before clicking on the “I agree” button when you subscribed, right?), you can only pick up your shares from 4:00 to 7:00 pm on your scheduled pickup days. We understand that sometimes members either forget to pickup or can’t make it to the pickup. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to set unclaimed shares aside for a later pickup or to give members credit or refunds for unclaimed shares.

The CSA Benefit:

If you do not pick up your produce or sprouts shares, they will not be wasted. Unclaimed produce is donated to local charities after closing time (7:00 PM). However, we freeze unclaimed bread and cheese shares for up to one month for you to pick up at your next visit.

Tips for Success:

  • Place your subscription on hold: if you know ahead of time that you will be away on a given week, place your subscription on delivery hold (must do so online at the latest by the Friday prior to the week you want the hold to take effect).
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your share for you when you can’t make it. All they have to do is give YOUR last name at the check-in table. It is an honor system.
  • Schedule your pickup day to coordinate with other food routines (try to do your grocery shopping after you see what your share includes).
  • If your pickup day no longer works for you, change it to the other pickup day.
  • Work with another CSA member and trade off pickup duties.
  • Set a weekly reminder on your calendar.
  • Check your e-mail: we send weekly e-mail to remind you when your next pickup is.