I miss having choice in my vegetables

The choice that exists in the produce aisles of conventional grocery stores is the product of a centralized, global food system. As a CSA member, you participate in a local food system. This focus requires us to shift from a recipe-based cooking style to one based on available ingredients. We re-learn what it means to eat according to the seasons. We also learn what can be grown in our desert environment.

The CSA Benefit:

The choice offered in the produce aisles of grocery stores can be daunting.  At the CSA, the choice is made for you.  There is simplicity in eating seasonally. You are getting vegetables at their peak of ripeness and flavor. Also, while you may not necessarily get produce that you would normally buy at the store, you do end up eating a much more diverse selection of vegetables than you otherwise would.

Tips for Success:

  • Continue to cook your favorite dishes by just changing the vegetables according to the season. Your favorite pasta dish may highlight tomatoes, winter squash, leafy greens or broccoli, depending on the time of the year.
  • Make a list of what you really miss and can’t live without. You can always supplement your share with these store-bought favorites.
  • Use the CSA website, internet recipe sites or favorite cookbooks to learn new ways to use unfamiliar produce.