I am getting too much/not enough produce

The number of people that an average share will feed will depend on whether vegetables are the star of your meals or merely a side dish, on how often you eat at home or eat meals out and whether you use CSA produce as your main food source or as a supplement.

The CSA Benefit:

CSA membership means engaging in some new food practices and offers an opportunity to re-learn the pleasures of cooking.

Tips for Success:

  • Consider reducing supplemental produce from the grocery store to insure that you are using your CSA produce in full.
  • Sort and prioritize your CSA vegetables before putting them away. This will ensure that the most perishable produce gets used first.
  • The CSA website offers great tips for storage and preparation.
  • If it is not enough produce, you can supplement with produce from farmer’s markets or buy a second share.
  • If it is too much produce, consider splitting a share with a friend.
  • Place your subscription on vacation hold every so often to allow you to catch up on the contents of your refrigerator. However, try not to do that too often as it defies the objective of supporting your local farmer.
  • Use our Facebook page to connect with the Tucson CSA community and find someone interested in splitting a share.