I’m concerned with the cost

A CSA is unusual in the sense that it requires you to pay for your produce in advance. This, of course, is how you support the farmer; by providing operating capital upfront and a guaranteed market at harvest time. Commitment to a CSA idea requires this shift in food-buying habits. After the initial payment is made, you can pick up your share for 6 or 12 times with no further payment.

CSA Benefit:

Regular price checks at local organic grocery stores confirm that CSA prices are lower. Many members tell us that their grocery bills went down after joining the CSA. In addition, we believe that CSA produce is often better — produce that is harvested only when ripe and delivered immediately to you generally tastes better and is more nutritious.

Tips for Success:

  • Members who rely primarily on the food from their CSA share(s) find that their grocery bills decrease.
  • Start a CSA savings account by putting aside $22 a week. When the time comes to renew your subscription, you will be ready with your payment.
  • Remember that your investment helps a local farmer who is committed to environmental and social justice.