I’m bored with (Fill in vegetable name here)

The very idea that vegetables are only available during a particular season makes them all the more special. Once you have eaten produce at the height of its season, you will have a hard time eating out of season again. Because we share the risks as well as the rewards with the farmer, we may sometimes experience many weeks of a bountiful crop while missing something that was not as successful.

CSA Benefit:

Over the course of one year, Farmer Frank from Crooked Sky Farms grows over 200 different crops in different locations (Phoenix and Duncan). The location of these fields in different elevations and climate zones allows for year-round farming and great produce diversity, and it reduces the impact of crop failures. Understanding the subtle shifts as we move between seasons helps us develop intuition about, and connection with, our food. We have the opportunity to be creative in our use of these vegetables.

Tips for Success:

  • The CSA website and newsletters, cookbooks, and the internet can all help with fresh ideas for produce.
  • Pickup days are a great time to network with other members and with CSA volunteers about preparation ideas. Occasionally we will have recipe tastings and cooking demonstrations.
  • Preserving (freezing, canning, drying, etc.) vegetables and fruit for a future time helps prevent boredom and offers the convenience of having home-made food ready to use at later times.