A successful local food economy implies not only a new kind of food producer, but a new kind of eater as well, one who regards finding, preparing, and preserving food as one of the pleasures of life rather than a chore.” Wendell Berry

Your decision to be part of a CSA, individually motivated by a variety of factors, is a big step in supporting your local food system. As you may already know, by joining a CSA you are entering into a partnership with a farmer. Our focus is to support farmers, thus encouraging local food production. This partnership involves shared risk and rewards that often requires members to shift their personal approach to food. While the CSA is always excited to have new members, the most successful relationship is a long-term commitment. We recognize that many factors contribute to member turnover; our goal is to work with you to have a positive experience. In order to achieve this goal we would like to address some challenges and questions members may face.

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