A produce share costs $24 per pickup and consists of a weekly pickup of 7 to 8 types of produce. To get an idea of what is in our produce shares, check our Harvests page. You can also see many photos of produce shares on our page on our Facebook page. And you can come visit us in person during pickup hours to see it you for yourself.

Our Tuesday produce comes from Crooked Sky Farms and is Certified Naturally-Grown. In fact it is beyond organic: it is more organic than certified-organic! No chemical pesticides and fertilizers are used ever. Crooked Sky Farms owner Farmer Frank Martin is an experienced farmer who is an ardent believer in, and practitioner of, sustainable land stewardship, fair wages and treatment of his workers, and preservation of heirloom varieties.

Crooked Sky Farms owns and leases land in Glendale, South Phoenix and Duncan. The location of the fields in these various locations and elevations allows for great produce diversity and year-round production.


Our Wednesday produce comes in part from Crooked Sky Farms and in part from Sleeping Frog Farm. Sleeping Frog Farms is an intensive 75-acre farm nestled in the Cascabel corridor of the San Pedro river valley. Founded on permaculture design and biodynamic growing principles, they are dedicated to providing our community with seasonal heirloom fruits and vegetables through farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Farm-to-School, Food Coop and restaurant sales. Earthworms and compost, soil probiotics and honey bees are all integral to pollination, soil-building and recycling crop waste into food and fertilizer.