Produce shares represent ninety five percent of what we offer, but we periodically provide local meats. We offer pasture-raised (both grass-fed and grass-finished) beef and lamb, pasture-raised chickens and turkeys, and pasture-raised pork (pigs are not ruminants and do not eat grass, therefore they cannot be grass-fed but they can still be pasture-raised). Animals are raised in an ecologically sound and healthy manner, on pasture, without hormones or antibiotics, and are processed humanely at Guzman’s Meat Processing, a small USDA-inspected, state-approved, family-owned operation near Cochise.

Our beef, lamb, chickens, pork, eggs and turkeys come from Josh’s farm south of Willcox (Chiricahua Pastured Raised Meats). Josh raises his animals on irrigated pastures, much as described by author Michael Pollan in his book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. The cattle are never fed grain, antibiotics, or growth hormones, and they are given additional high-quality hay when needed.  The chickens and turkeys, in addition to foraging on plenty of grass and bugs available in the pastures, are given Josh’s own mix of GMO-free feed.

Some of our pork is ordered through Guzman’s Meat Processing. This high-quality pork doesn’t come from a single farm like the rest of the meats we offer, but from a number of regional farms who raise pigs humanely with no hormones or antibiotics although not necessarily with non-GMO feed.

Meat shares are not available via our online system but they can be ordered, when available, at our front desk during pickup hours. They are generally offered once each season (Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall), in buying-club fashion.  Typically, we announce their upcoming availability on our website, newsletters, blackboard and weekly e-mails. Meat shares can be purchased by paying a $20 deposit per share at our front desk at the time of ordering. The balance is paid upon picking up the shares, usually 2 to 4 weeks later. Meat shares are limited in numbers and they go first-come, first-served. All meats come frozen. Unlike produce share, which are delivered weekly, meat shares come in a single delivery.

  • Beef is available through shares only (except for ground beef which can usually be bought individually). Shares weigh 8-9 pounds, cost approx. $7.50/lb and typically include 2 steaks (~2 lbs), 1 roast (2-3 lbs), ground beef (~2 lbs) and one miscellaneous cut (1-2 lbs of one of the following: BBQ ribs, short ribs, stew meat, or soup bones). Available once per season.
  • Lamb is available through shares only. Shares weigh 8-9 pounds, cost $9.50/lb and typically include ground (~1 lb), roast (2-3 lbs), shanks (1-2 lbs), chops (~2 lbs), riblets (~1 lb).  Available once per season.
  • Pork is available through shares and as individual cuts (check our blackboard near the front desk to see what is available on any given week). Pork shares are from Josh’s pork. They weigh 8-10 pounds each, cost approx. $7.00/lb and typically include ground meat (2 lbs), Italian Sausage (2 lbs), 1 pack chops (~ 1.5 lbs, ), 1 roast (2-3 lbs), and spare ribs or baby back ribs (~2 lbs).
  • Chickens: whole fryers ($4.75/lb). Available most of the time. Also chicken liver ($6.00/lb) and chicken feet ($3.00/lb).
  • Turkeys ($4.50/lb): we start taking orders in late September and the turkeys can be picked up the week before Thanksgiving.

Note: Weights, prices and contents of shares may, and do, vary.

BEEF CUTS INFO: info about the various types of beef cuts you may get in a beef share.