We offer bread shares from Barrio Bread, a locally grown bakery with a true passion for artisan bread making. Barrio Bread was founded by Don Guerra, who brings more than 20 years of artisan baking experience to his craft. Don specializes in naturally leavened artisan organic breads, using ancient sourdough techniques and locally harvested wild yeast to produce high quality organic breads, while using only the simplest of ingredients. The slow fermentation process combined with hearth baking creates a truly unique and delicious bread. The bread is made from unbleached, unbromated organic flours, often locally grown, and contains no sugars, oils, or preservatives.

Bread shares: a bread share is a pre-paid bread subscription. It costs $36 for 6 pickups or $72 for 12 pickups (that’s $6 per loaf). A bread share guarantees you a loaf at each pickup. You receive 3 types of sourdough bread, in rotation:

  • Pain au Levain. A naturally leavened and made with unbleached flour and stone ground wheat. It’s crumb (interior) has a complex structure with many irregular size holes and it has an incredibly crispy crust. A true standard of artisan bakers.
  • Rustic 9-Grain. This wheat bread is prepared with a soaker of 9-grain coarse cereal mix. Naturally leavened and full of nutrients. This is a fantastic nutritious all around bread.
  • Whole Wheat Levain. Similar to the Pain au Levain, this whole wheat version is made with greater percentages of whole grain flours.

Cash sales: Don occasionally brings extra loaves for cash sales. When available, they sell on a first-come, first-served basis.

What if you forget to, or can’t, pick up your bread share? We will freeze it for up to 1 month, freezer space permitting, to give you a chance to pick it up. After 1 month it is donated to charity.