Help: End your subscription

As is customary for CSAs, a subscription represents a commitment to the farm and it cannot be cancelled or refunded before all pickups are used up, as is specified in our Terms of Agreement.

Your subscription ends automatically when your CSA account runs out of money. You will receive an automatic e-mail when that is about to happen.

If you selected the “Recurring Automatic Payment by E-check” (Autopay) method of payment, your CSA account gets automatically recharged every time it dips below $24. To end your subscription, Autopay must first be turned off by us: please e-mail us to have your Autopay turned off, preferably BEFORE your next automatic payment (once initiated, an e-check cannot be reversed and can only be refunded at a 5% fee – see REFUNDS below). Once Autopay is turned off your CSA account will no longer be recharged and your subscription will end when your account runs out of funds

1. As specified in our Terms of Agreement, subscriptions cannot be canceled or refunded. However, in limited cases (unexpectedly moving out of town, family or medical emergency, etc.) we have allowed members to cancel their subscriptions and get a refund. This is discretionary depending on the circumstances and a 10% fee is applied to the refund.

2. Residual money: if you have money left on your CSA account after your subscription ends, you can ask for a cash refund at the front desk or you can leave it on your account for a future subscription. There is no fee for residual money refunds.

3. Refunds for unintended Autopay payments: once a recurring payment has been initiated it cannot be reversed (we have no control over that). Our only option at that point is to refund your payment after we receive it. We charge 5% to cover the processing fee the bank charges us.