Deadlines Summary

Four points to remember about deadlines:

(1) Recharging your account can be made at any time providing your account is active. If your account is inactive (i.e. canceled) and you wish to restart your subscription, just contact us to have it reopened.

(2) Subscription changes  can be made from the day after your pickup until midnight Friday.

(3) Pickup day changes can only be made on Thursday and Friday.

(3) Delivery holds can be placed at any time, but must be placed by midnight Friday if they are to take effect the following week.

(4) Avoid unintentional expiration of your subscription by ensuring that your credit balance as of midnight Friday is sufficient to cover the cost of your next pickup. If a payment is necessary to avoid expiration, and you wish to pay by check or cash, you must still go online to make a payment and check the ‘payment by check’ option to indicate that your payment is forthcoming.

Why a midnight Friday cut-off? Because we start planning for the following week’s pickups on Saturday morning.