About wheat berries

September 18, 2012

About wheat berries

Crooked Sky Farms grows their own wheat and we periodically get it in our shares.  We get Joaquin Red Winter Wheat and Paloma White Winter Wheat. Both are low in gluten and have a wonderful nutty flavor.  We get the wheat sometimes as berries and sometimes as flour.

Wheat berries can be eaten whole and we have many recipes on our online recipe archive.

Wheat berries can also be ground into flour in a food processor or a coffee grinder.  Just make sure to first remove the little twigs and stones that may still be present.

Cleaning wheat berries: Crooked Sky Farm’s grains are mostly clean, but they do include some chaff and often little black wild mustard seeds from the field. The seeds are harmless and can safely be left in. The chaff can be removed by winnowing the grains before use. To winnow grain, stand out of doors in a breeze or in front of a fan, and pour the grain from one bowl into another a few times and let the chaff blow away in the breeze.

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