Old Fashion Maine Mustard Pickles

July 5, 2011

Old Fashion Maine Mustard Pickles

Kristin Terpening, Tucson CSA

Here’s a super easy recipe for slightly spicy, very crunchy pickles from a gal I
worked with at a boatyard in Maine.

2 heaping tablespoons sugar
1 heaping tablespoon canning salt
1 heaping tablespoon dry mustard
apple cide vinegar- enough to fill quart jar packed with cucumbers 2/3 full
cold water- enough to top off quart jar of cucumbers

Cut cukes into quarters, spears, or use small cukes. Pack into quart size jar.
Add dry ingredients. Fill jar 2/3 with cider vinegar. Then add cold water to fill
the jar to the brim. Shake well, and again shake jars every once in a while for
the next 24 hrs or whenever you think of it. (If you keep them somewhere easily
visible, just give ’em a shake everytime to pass by.)

I also like to add at least a heaping tablespoon of chopped garlic or several individual
cloves, and sometimes a red chile or two.

Since these aren’t cooked or actually canned, it’s best to keep them in the
fridge for storage.

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