Freezer Tomatoes

June 30, 2011

Freezer Tomatoes

Sara Jones, Tucson CSA

We are lucky to have such an abundant tomato crop this year
from Farmer Frank. The heirloom varieties have been tasty
and beautiful! We do receive these tomatoes at their peak of
ripeness, which means they should be used right away. If you
aren’t able to eat all your tomatoes that soon, don’t let them go
to waste. You can freeze them, to be used in sauces later. The
easiest way to do this is to cut the tomatoes in half, removing
any hard core (squeezing out the majority of the seeds, if
desired) and grating the cut side of the tomato on the large
holes of a hand held grater. The juicy flesh will grate through,
while the skin will remain whole in your hand. (Discard the
skin or save it to use with corn stalks in a delicious summer
vegetable broth.) Freeze the tomato sauce in ice cube trays,
transferring to a freezer bag once frozen. The tomatoes will
add a delicious flavor to soups and sauces; just keep in mind
that they are much juicier than canned sauce when using them
in recipes.

If you’re short of time, you can simply put whole tomatoes in
freezer bags and then in the freezer. When they thaw, they’re
only good for sauce, of course, but this is a quick and easy
way to save them.

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