Breakfast Nopalitos

May 20, 2009

Breakfast Nopalitos

Nancy Zierenberg, Tucson CSA

For 2.

Slice up a cleaned nopal pad into bite-sized chunks.

Some onion, garlic, green tomato &/or red (green tomato or tomatillos give a wonderful flavor when stir fried). When your chopped ingredients are all ready, add with nopal to a pan with some oil to stir fry ’til just done. Then add the other ingredients (below) you’ve chosen that only need heating, not much cooking. You can throw in some grated cheese as you serve it.

Corn, beans, chipotle chiles or sauce, chopped greens, or whatever is leftover from another meal. Flavor with cumin. You can add an egg or two if you want. It’s pretty good stuff!

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