Using Lots of Greens

November 6, 2008

Using Lots of Greens

Rita Silverberg, Tucson CSA

Here is a way to efficiently use lots of green, while saving the
color and nutritional value as well.

Clean and trim a bunch (or more) of greens.
Drain well.

Chop in food processor – or in a wooden bowl with a chopping

You will now have reduced the volume of greens considerably,
making them much easier to add to dishes. (See list below.)
Simmer briefly (1-3 minutes) in broth to knock down the
“sharpness” of taste.

If the greens are mild, or you like the sharpness, you can skip the

Strain chopped greens and save the broth.
You can add these “processed” greens to:

Omelets and frittatas
Nut, grain, or meat loafs
Pasta dishes
Veggie pancakes

You name it!

Use the cooking broth for a gravy or sauce for the dish you make
with the greens. You’ve still got all the vitamins! Great taste!
Great color!

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