Japanese Hot Pot

December 1, 2007

Japanese Hot Pot

Sara Jones, Tucson CSA

If you have chicken or vegetable broth, you can use that as a base for the soup. If you don’t, just use water, the miso will provide enough flavor. Instead of tofu, you can use very thin slices of beef, added at the last minute with the herbs.

About 2 quarts stock or water
1 head bok choi, roughly chopped
½ block firm tofu, chopped into squares
1 handful sliced mushrooms
1 handful rice vermicelli
1 bunch green onions, sliced
½ bunch shungiku, roughly chopped
2 + tablespoons miso paste

Bring stock or water to a boil and add mushroom, thick
bok choi stems and noodles.

Cook until noodles are almost tender then add tofu, bok choi leaves, green onion and shungiku.

Remove pot from heat.

Thin miso paste with one cup of water, then stir into soup. Taste for flavor and add more miso if necessary.

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