Sweet Butternut Phyllo Triangles

October 7, 2007

Sweet Butternut Phyllo Triangles

Paula Redinger, CSA Member

One CSA butternut squash (yielding about 1 lb cooked flesh)
½ cup brown sugar
¼ cup almonds, toasted and ground
ground cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger to taste
1 tsp vanilla
½ lb phyllo dough, defrosted at room temperature for 2 hours 4 Tbsp butter
extra white sugar for sprinkling between phyllo sheets

Cut the squash in half, place in a buttered baking dish and bake at 350 degrees until soft (30-45 minutes)

Let cool slightly and remove the flesh into a bowl.

Add the sugar, almonds, spices and vanilla and mix thoroughly.

Be sure that the mixture has cooled completely before proceeding.

Lay out one sheet of phyllo dough, brush with melted butter, and sprinkle lightly with sugar. Repeat with 4 more sheets to create a stack 5 sheets thick. (No need to butter and sugar the top of the 5th sheet.) Keep remaining phyllo dough covered closely with plastic wrap.

Cut the 5 layer sheet in half widthwise, and into thirds lengthwise to create 6 rectangular sections. Place a tbsp or so of squash mixture towards the end of each section. Fold as you would a flag, to create a triangularly shaped package. Seal the open end with butter or moistened fingers. Continue until all phyllo sheets are used. One half pound of phyllo sheets, each measuring 9 x 14 inches will make about 30 pastries. Don’t worry if the phyllo tears or wrinkles – it won’t matter.

Bake the pastries for 20-30 minutes until light golden brown. Serve warm or room temperature. Those pastries not eaten that day can be recrisped in the oven if necessary.

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  1. Linda Says:

    Yay, Paula! These are the best sweet treat ever.

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