Asian Noodles (or noodle soup) with Mustard Greens

October 29, 2007

Asian Noodles (or noodle soup) with Mustard Greens

Paula Redinger, Tucson CSA

½ lb Chinese noodles (or other Asian type)

One bunch CSA Greens (I like mustard greens or a mix of mustard greens
and a milder variety for this recipe)

Optional Protein: your choice of small pieces of leftover meat, scrambled
egg, tofu, cubes, cooked shrimp

Sauce – combine the following in proportions that taste good to you (I’ve
listed them according to the amount you might use, from most to least):

soy sauce
peanut oil
rice wine vinegar (or other type)
minced garlic
minced ginger
siracha or other spicy condiment, or minced spicy chilis
sesame oil (just a dash)

Optional: broth of your choice if you prefer a soup rather than just noodles.
Wilt the greens in a saute pan in just the water clinging to them after washing.

Heat broth if using.

Boil the noodles to taste (usually only 1-3 minutes, depending on your type of noodle)

Toss the noodles with the sauce, greens and optional protein. Add broth if using.

Serve hot!

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