Wheat Berries ideas

June 29, 2007

Wheat Berries ideas

Paula Wilk, Tucson CSA

The wheat berries (and for that matter, the oat grouts) are great. I never cooked with them before, and it took me a bit to realize how to clean them – – which I think is easier if you use a first step, even before soaking, of spreading on a flat surface (plate or platter) and quickly sorting through the grains on a grain-by-grain basis to remove the visible impurities – – the way women in Latin America clean rice).

These grains give summer one-salad meals some substance. And for easy, cold fruit puddings, we cut up some fresh fruit (for example, the Wilcox peaches) and combine them with soy, rice or regular milk (from a protein standpoint, soy or regular milk is better) and the well-cooked grains (perhaps 1/2 -1 cup per person). Then we blend these ingredients on high and chill. For those with a sweet tooth, a little local honey or agave nectar(for local purists) or maple syrup, frozen apple concentrate or even sugar can be added to the blender…

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