Beans & Greens “Salsa”

May 6, 2007

Beans & Greens “Salsa”

Rita Silverberg, Tucson CSA member

A chunky dish that can be a side or central; great for combining leftover ingredients, it’s almost too easy.

1 cup cooked beans – with some liquid from cooking
1 cup steamed, chopped greens – with some chopped garlic or onion included
2 – 3 whole tomatoes, cut up
Enough tomato juice or sauce, any soup stock, or water from steaming the greens to bring to the consistency you want
1-2 tablespoons olive (or other) oil

Heat all ingredients in a skillet. That’s it!

Eat with some additional protein: tofu, cheese & crackers, eggs.

This salsa makes a great basis for huevos rancheros.

You can add any herb(s) or spice(s) to adjust the flavor, but it’s delicious just as is, also.

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