Wilted Amaranth Greens (Quelites)

August 4, 2006

Wilted Amaranth Greens (Quelites)

Amaranth greens make such flavorful greens that a favorite approach is to cook them quickly, although their robust flavor and texture stand up to long cooking as well. You can proceed along two lines:

1. Sizzle a few slivers of garlic in olive oil, follow with a healthy pinch of salt, and then add the greens. Cover for a minute to let the greens wilt down, then keep tossing until the leaves and stems are tender and no longer taste raw.

2. A second, pan-Asian treatment is to use peanut or corn oil, into which you toss finely sliced or shredded ginger, either alone or with a few slivers of garlic and/or a dry red chili or two. Then the salt and greens, proceeding as before.

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