Okra Poppers

August 4, 2006

Okra Poppers

(JodyLee Estrada Duek, TCSA)

15 young okra, 4” or so
6 ounces white cheese, such as feta, goat, cream, cotija, string, Oaxaca, queso mennoniito, etc.
Egg, egg white, or milk
Corn meal or bread crumbs
4 ounces cooking oil

Wash the okra and slit them open down one side. Insert ½ ounce cheese in each piece. Dip the okra in beaten egg, egg white, or milk, then roll in corn meal or bread crumbs (add pepper or paprika to the crumbs for more bite). Fry the okra in hot oil for about 2 minutes, turning once or twice to brown on all sides. Serves 2 as a dish, or 4 to 6 as an appetizer.

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