Freezing Jalapeños or Gueros

August 4, 2006

Freezing Jalapeños or Gueros

Philippe, Tucson CSA
If you can’t immediately use all the jalapeños in your CSA share on a given week, use the technique below to preserve them for future use.

Go local! Jalapeños and gueros are a great substitute for black pepper if you wish to give a dish a Southwestern accent.

Put gloves on!
Remove stem from chiles.
Quarter each chile and remove seeds and membranes with a spoon (if you like it spicy, leave seeds and membranes – most of the “heat” comes from them).

Place quartered chiles on a cookie sheet or plate and put in freezer for one hour.

Put frozen chiles in a ziplock bag and return to freezer. Take quarters out one at a time when needed in recipes.

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