Fruity Beety

July 24, 2006

Fruity Beety

(submitted by Maggie Newman, TCSA)

4 beets
3 oranges
2 tablespoons grated coconut
1 teaspoon honey
juice of ½ lemon
grated peel of ½ lemon
2 tablespoons currants (I substituted raisins)
1 teaspoon vinegar, if desired
pinch salt

Wash beets and steam whole until tender; then peel. Grate on ripple- shaped grater or slice into long, thin sticks.
Peel, seed and cut up oranges. Place half the oranges in blender with coconut, honey, lemon juice and peel, and blend 2 minutes.
Mix all ingredients, balancing the sweetness with the additional vinegar if needed. Chill, letting the flavors blend for two hours or so.
Makes 3 cups.

Recipe is from The New Laurel’s Kitchen by Laurel Robertson, Carol Flinders, and Brian Ruppenthal. (Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, CA,©1986)

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