About Cosmic Purple Carrot

February 21, 2006

About Cosmic Purple Carrot

Carrots weren’t always orange.  In fact, until the Dutch popularized to the orange carrot to celebrate the name of their monarchy (Orange), carrots used to come in many colors.  Some of these colors have recently being re-introduced, such as the Cosmic Purple carrot and the Lunar White Carrot.

The striking Cosmic Purple Carrot, just introduced in 2005, is causing a stir at farmer’s markets with its beautiful purple skin, sweet orange flesh, and bright yellow core. It contains the same antioxidant that gives blueberries their rich purple color. When sliced into coins, Cosmic Purple really shows off its stunning color scheme in a beautiful display of purple, orange, and yellow. Cosmic Purple’s long, sweet crunchy roots are very high in Vitamin A: one serving of purple carrots contains 120 percent of your daily Vitamin A needs. The carrots are delicious raw: they have a sweet flavor with a slight hint of spice. Don’t peel them if you want to maintain their spectacular color, and much nutrition, as always, is contained in the skin.

The Lunar white carrot is a new carrot variety with creamy white roots; a deliciously mild, sweet flavor; and a small core. Carrots used to come in many colors until the Dutch in the seventeenth century bred the carrot orange to honor their national color. White carrots were grown in the Middle Ages, but now they have become very rare. Novelty colored carrots are coming back, however. The small carrots we receive are a spring special.

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