There is no membership fee. You just pay for what you subscribe to.  All subscriptions are pre-paid (6 or 12 pickups) and are non-refundable.

PRODUCE SHARE: $132 for 6 pickups or $264 for 12 pickups

BREAD SHARE: $33 for 6 pickups or $66 for 12 pickups

GOAT CHEESE SHARE OPTION: $21 for 6 pickups or $42 for 12 pickups (note that cheese shares come every other week only, so you only get 3 cheese shares over a 6 pickup time frame).

SPROUTS SHARE OPTION: $18 for 6 pickups or $36 for 12 pickups

Note: to get a cheese or sprouts share option you must be subscribed to a minimum of a produce or a bread share.

Meat shares are not available by online subscription but can be ordered directly at our front desk when available.

Payments are made online at the time you sign up. Note that your subscription is confirmed from the moment you sign up online: we commit to get you your CSA share(s) for your first pickup day and you are are committed to pay for it and pick it up. If paying by cash or check, we must receive your payment within 7 calendar days from the day you signed up online or by your first pickup day, whichever comes first. If your first pickup day is within 7 days of your sign up, you can bring your check (or cash) when you come to pick up. If you don’t bring it then, we will ask you to pay online by cash or checking account debit at the CSA.

E-check payments takes 5 business days to be processed by the bank and reach us. However, you are considered as having paid and you can pick up on your next scheduled pickup even if your payment is not yet reflected on your CSA account (the payment will show as “processing” until it reaches us).