Help: Place your subscription on hold

We kindly ask that you do not overuse Delivery Holds: the best way to support the farms is to have as few interruptions in your subscription as possible. Ideally you would only use Holds when you are out of town. When in town, try to make as much use of your CSA share as possible.

While on Hold, you will have no pickups during the date range you specified, including the start and end dates of that range. You will however continue to receive our weekly e-mails.

Delivery Hold conditions:
1. You can schedule up to 3 separate Holds at any one time.
2. If you want to place a Hold for the upcoming week, it must be placed at the latest by midnight Friday of the current week.
3. Your CSA account must have sufficient funds to cover at least one pickup after the Hold ends, or your subscription will expire even if a Hold was set.

To place a Delivery Hold:
1. Go to the Tucson CSA homepage and click on Manage Account to access your member card (the first screen that appears after you log in to your online CSA account).
2. Click on the “Delivery Hold” tab.
3. Enter a date range for the desired Hold. You will not receive shares between the dates you specify, including the From and To dates themselves.
4. Click the Save button!

To remove a Delivery Hold:
Click on the green “X” button to the right of the Delivery Hold you wish to remove.

Tips for managing Delivery Holds:
1. To verify the date of your next pickup, look at the “Next Distribution Date” in the green Summary box on your online CSA account.
2. Check your e-mail: you will receive an automatic e-mail confirmation immediately after placing a Hold. Verify your Hold dates in that e-mail. If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail, it means that your Hold was not placed successfully or that our confirmation e-mail ended up in your spam folder.
3. Placing a Hold suspends all of your shares. If you wish to only suspend one of your shares, you must remove that share from your subscription and re-add it when you want it back. Remember that you must keep a minimum of 1 produce share or 1 bread share.