Help: Recharge your CSA account

Note: To recharge a closed CSA account, please first contact us to have it reopened.

You can recharge your CSA account at the CSA desk or online. To recharge it online, go to our home page and click on Recharge Your Account. Choose either the 6 or the 12-pickup plan to determine the amount to be paid. Then, check 1 of the 3 payment options:

1. Check: make a check out to Tucson CSA for the amount specified and bring it to the front desk on your next pickup (you can also bring cash instead), or mail it to the following address: Tucson CSA 300 E. University Blvd, #146 Tucson, AZ 85705

2. Electronic Check (one-time payment): e-check payments take 5 business days to process and show on your CSA account (this delay is inherent in the e-check processing system and we have no control over it). While your payment shows as “processing” we will give you credit for it and you can pick up if you have a pickup scheduled. Note that e-check payments will show on your bank statement as having been made to “The Food Shed” (our official name).

3. Recurring Automatic Electronic Check (Autopay): same as 2. above, but with recurring automatic payments. Whenever your CSA account balance dips below $25 , your bank account will be automatically charged for the cost of another 6 or 12 pickups (whichever you chose initially). This option saves you from having to recharge your CSA account manually every 6 or 12 weeks and avoids the risk of having your subscription cancelled if your CSA account runs out of funds.

To turn off Autopay: just send us an e-mail asking us to do so (you cannot do it yourself from your CSA account, but for us it is just one click). Please note that turning off Autopay does not cancel your subscription, it only stops further automatic recharges.  With Autopay off, you will have to recharge your CSA account manually whenever your CSA account balance is low, or you can let your CSA account run out of funds and expire naturally.

Don’t remember if you are on Autopay? You can check by logging into your account and go to “Update Payment Details.” If you have Autopay turned ON, there will be a box above the ‘Update Payment Details” section with the words: “You are currently assigned with an automatic payment of Electronic Check.”

Note: We do not take credit cards.