Help: Monitor your account balance

A. How to monitor your CSA account balance:

1) Your account balance is listed in the weekly emails you receive from us the day before each pickup day. Note that that amount is before deduction of the following day’s pickup.

2) You can check your CSA account balance at any time by logging on to your online CSA account.

3) When your CSA account balance dips below $22, you will receive an automatic email alerting you of your low balance. That is the time when you should recharge your CSA account if you don’t want it to expire.

B. To recharge your account: on our home page, click on Recharge Your Account.

C. When does a CSA subscription expire? Your subscription expires automatically when your CSA account balance dips below $22, or below $5.50 if you only have a bread share. Letting your CSA account run out of funds is the natural way to end your subscription.

D. How to keep a CSA subscription from expiring? You must recharge your CSA account periodically (every 6 or 12 pickups, depending on which plan you selected). Once your account gets below $22 (or $5.50), you will have until midnight Friday to recharge it, before your subscription expires on Saturday. Of course, the best way to prevent a subscription cancelation is to have your subscription on Autopay.