Help: Change pickup day or shares

To make changes to your subscription, go to our homepage and click on the Manage Account to access your member card (the first screen that appears after you log in to your online CSA account). In the Summary box of your member card, click on:

1. Change Location -> to change your pickup day.
Important: pickup day changes can only be made on Thursdays and Fridays.

2. Change Subscription -> to add or remove shares (produce, bread) and/or share options (cheese, sprouts).
Important: subscription changes can be made from the day after your pickup until midnight Friday.

Make your changes and make sure to save them by clicking on the SAVE or FINISH button.

An automatic e-mail will be immediately sent to you to confirm your change. Be sure to read it to verify that your change is what you intended. If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail it means that your subscription change was not completed and is therefore not effective. Try again.

Adding or removing shares: You can add or remove any of share or share option providing you keep at least one produce share or one bread share. Adding a share does not require additional payment: your subscription will simply run out of funds sooner (the cost of additional share items will be taken out of your CSA account). Likewise, if you remove a share, you won’t be reimbursed, but your credit will last longer. But when your renew your subscription, you will be charged for the shares you are subscribed at that time .

Adding an extra share temporarily: For a special occasion (like a holiday or guests from out of town), you can add one or more shares. You don’t have to add money to your account, the cost of the added share(s) will be deducted from your CSA account as long as you have enough. But remember, it’s a two-step process – you will also need to remove any of those extra shares when you no longer need them, or you’ll continue to receive them and be charged for them.

Here’s how it works:

This week – if you want extra bread next week, for example, go to the CSA website after your pickup day but before midnight Friday of this week.  Click “MANAGE ACCOUNT”, log on, click “Change Subscription”, click “Next Step” if necessary until you see the share you want to add, click “Add” to add the share, then click “Finish”.

Next week – show up on your usual pickup day and get your stuff.  Then, once again, log on to your CSA account after your pickup day but before midnight Friday of that week, click on “Change Subscription”, and adjust the quantity of your shares (in the little square box) back to whatever you want to receive on an ongoing basis.   Click “Next Step”, then “Finish”, and you’re done!