Help: Manage Account

Click on Manage Your Account to access your online CSA account.

Things you can do include changing your subscriptions, changing your pickup day, placing your subscription on hold, and recharging your account. For help on each of these operations, click on the pulldown menu items under Help: Manage Account. If your account has been closed, contact us to have it reopened and specify your desired pickup day and shares.

Important: Subscription changes can be made only after your pickup day and before midnight Friday. So if you pick up on Tuesday, you can make changes starting on Wednesday, and if you pick up on Wednesday, you can make changes starting on Thursday. In both cases, you have until midnight Friday to make changes. Delivery Holds can be placed at any time, except if they are for the following week, in which case they must be made before midnight Friday.

Bottom line:  Tuesday members get a little bonus — they have three days to make changes (Wednesday through Friday), and Wednesday members have two days (Thursday and Friday).

Why the midnight Friday deadline? Every Saturday morning we start planning the share orders for the week to come, so by midnight Friday we like to have an exact count of the number of shares to be ordered.