Call to Action: Save Crooked Sky Farms

June 19, 2020

Call to Action: Save Crooked Sky Farms

CALL TO ACTION: Save Crooked Sky Farms!

Farmer Frank is at risk of losing his farmland in Phoenix this August. The City of Phoenix is trying to acquire his leased land, an organic oasis in the center of a sprawling urban industrial center. We need your help in expressing how important Crooked Sky Farms is to you, your family, and our community.

Tucson CSA would not and could not exist without Crooked Sky Farms. Farmer Frank’s commitment to growing certified naturally grown produce for our members has enabled us to provide beautiful, healthy, local produce to thousands of Tucsonans since 2004. Beyond Tucson CSA, Farmer Frank has fed many more people throughout the state of Arizona through farmers’ markets, CSA programs, and many generous donations to food banks, pantries, and feeding programs. Farmer Frank has been a pioneer in our local agriculture movement, serving as a mentor to many other farmers and food systems workers. Losing this farmland would be detrimental to our community and to our state.

We have watched Farmer Frank’s food nourish our Tucson CSA community for over 16 years. We have seen CSA kids grow into young adults, eating organically grown carrots, tomatoes, and watermelons all the while. We’ve learned about the importance heritage foods, like I’itoi onions, because of Farmer Frank’s commitment to growing them. We’ve fostered a community around this food, which has served as an essential resource throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. For us, Crooked Sky Farms equates to nourishment, community, resilience.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Contact Martha Ojeda at Acquisition Sciences, LTD to let her know how important Crooked Sky Farms is to you and your family. Call, email, and write.

Direct Line: 602-393-6027
Office: 602-234-1000
1990 W. Camelback Road, Suite 207
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

2. Contact District 7 City of Phoenix City Councilman Michael Nowakowski to let him know how important Crooked Sky Farms is to you and your family. Call and email.
Phone: 602-262-7492

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